Microsoft 365 – the office cloud entry for your company

The demand for modern office IT is increasing. Flexible workplaces, such as the home office, workflows, and processes pose challenges for every IT department. The Microsoft 365 office cloud solution offers the ideal opportunity to digitalize the office and, depending on the industry, company, and employees, to provide customers with the appropriate software and functions from a single source.

With Exchange-Online, Microsoft 365 offers not only personal e-mail mailboxes, calendars, and address books. They also provide the option of setting up group mailboxes for teams and other use cases. Familiar standard office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint can be used both locally and online. Also, Microsoft provides a whole range of other applications that make office workflows more efficient, optimize them, and automate them via MS Power-Automator.

Microsoft offers the possibility to switch away from its server and drive solutions to online accessible directories. With OneDrive for Business, SharePoint Online, and Azure Information Protection, the customer can create folder structures and files flexibly and digitally and secure them via provided security functions such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) to prevent access by unauthorized third parties.

All in all, “cloud” is much more than just a storage solution. Microsoft Teams offers an excellent opportunity to enable collaborative teamwork, both internally and externally. The versatility of this tool only becomes apparent in its full range of functions when you take a look at the other features. Internal task distribution, shift planning, or the calendar function connected to Outlook are possibilities for increasing efficiency within the team. One of the more powerful functions is MS Teams Cloud-Telephone function. Microsoft Teams offers the ideal equipment to conduct audio and video conferences, establish automatic telephone systems for the company, and set up call center functions such as call-groups, group- and user voicemails. Also, each user can be equipped with their own telephone numbers and use Microsoft Teams as a VoIP telephone. This means that the user no longer relies on a desktop phone and can receive calls in the office at home or any other place.

Especially in times of increased flexible home office solutions, Microsoft takes over the hardware management via the Microsoft Intune service and the software deployment to offer users an optimal and company-specific work interface.

Microsoft 365 is flexible and can be established for any size of company, industry, and area of application and offers numerous solutions “from one source”. The interaction of all Microsoft components offers great value for increasing the efficiency of your office IT.

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