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The digital transformation is one of the biggest challenges at the present time for all companies. For most companies, digitization also means migrating their applications and processes to the cloud. This results in significant operational and economic benefits:

Higher performance, greater flexibility, location independence, improved scalability, higher and faster availability and cost savings through on-demand billing of the outsourced to the cloud applications. PROTOS Technologies mission is to advise and guide the implementation process of its customers’ cloud computing operations, while respecting all privacy, compliance and information security requirements.

Our Topics

Development of cloud migration strategies

PROTOS Technologie develops a strategy for moving IT to the cloud on the individual needs of its customers. PROTOS advises its clients on the selection of services and the selection of migration procedures. PROTOS Technologie recommends best advice for each scenario.

Operational implementation of cloud migration

PROTOS Technologie assists its customers in building and implementing a cloud architecture, assists them in integrating their applications with the cloud provider, and supports them in the management and operation of the services. For or in cooperation with its customers, PROTOS carries out the operative transfer of IT to the cloud.

Project Management, Cloud Service Management, Future IT Architecture

PROTOS Technologie leads and supports your integration of IT to the cloud solution. In addition, PROTOS accompanies in cloud service management and optimizes IT landscape with the aim of making IT more mature for future processes.

Tools and methods

PROTOS Technologie has the tools and methods to automatically and transfer infrastructure components from physical and virtual data centers to a private or public cloud (Lift & Shift) –
usually without interruption the active IT operations.

IT Security

Serious security concerns regarding business critical data transferred to the Cloud are related to areas like integrity and privacy. PROTOS Technologie takes safety first. For each migration project PROTOS creates audits and safety analyzes and if necessary recommends action according to BSI, NIST and EuroCloud and taking into account the ISO standards.

Change Management

Cloud Computing transforms IT organizations profoundly and changes job requirements to employees, whose expertise as coordinators of interactions with cloud service providers substantially contributes to the company’s success. PROTOS Technologie trains its customers’ employees in workshops on all trends and developments in the context of cloud computing and provides them with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

Your advisers

Your advisers: Sebastian Ullrich and Andreas Sass

Sebastian Ullrich and Andreas Sass gained more than. 15 years of IT experience at leading consulting companies and technology companies and were involved in over 50 cloud migration projects. In 2016 they founded PROTOS Technologie GmbH.

Sebastian Ullrich

Sebastian Ullrich


Sebastian Ullrich studied ITC management and software development in Berlin and London. He worked as a research assistant for the Institute of Electronic Business e.V. before he has led numerous projects for financial service providers and transport companies in the field of online process optimization and IT implementation.

From 2010 to 2012, Sebastian Ullrich was the managing partner of Asperado GmbH, a Start-up for Software as a Service marketplaces. Until 2016, he worked in Business Technology at Capgemini Deutschland GmbH as a management consultant for various major companies.

Andreas Sass

Andreas Sass


Andreas Sass is a digital communication and business analyst consultant with many years of work experience as a project manager in numerous IT and digitalization projects for corporations and SMEs. Mr. Sass completed the master’s program “Leadership in Digital Communication” at the Berlin University of the Arts and the University of St. Gallen with distinction.

As a management consultant in the field of M & A, Andreas Sass played a key role in the mergers of the PIA Performance Interactive Alliance and the UDG United Digital Group. His main focus is the strategic development and expansion of companies as well as the acquisition and preparation of business combinations.


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PROTOS acts as a partner in the implementation of a Cloud Only Migration at DB Regio AG. The regionally distributed data centers and applications will be migrated to Amazon Web Services. PROTOS provides project managers and consultants to ensure migration objectives and operations during migration.

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PROTOS acts as a specialized consultant on all aspects of cloud computing, with a main focus on developing cloud migration strategies and operational implementation.

As a specialist in consulting, PROTOS Technologie is independent and not tied to an IaaS (infrastructure as a service) provider, but has in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Azure, Amazon web services and other relevant vendors, and thus the ability to tailor a cloud to its clients. To select and implement a solution for his requirements. This also applies to SaaS applications, PROTOS holds u.a. Certificates for Administration.