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Cloud Compliance & Security Engineering

PROTOS Technologie always has security in mind

In principle, data security in a cloud solution is superior to the security of corporate data centers. This is where the factors of size and distribution of work come into play, which also brings advantages in terms of scalability, for example.

Your customized Cloud Compliance

Within the enterprise environment, the integration of cloud technologies leads to increased protection policies and thus to adjustments of defined security and compliance standards. We support you in the analysis, design, and implementation to ensure your IT operations in the various cloud vendor environments based on the latest CIF benchmarks, the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue (C5 Germany), and your own compliance regulations.

Together with you, we implement the secure operational transfer of IT to the cloud.

Real-time security monitoring, real-time change management, and compliance monitoring, event-related security monitoring, and automated workflows are implemented together with your teams. For already existing environments we conduct audits based on the CIF benchmarks and the Cloud Computing Compliance Controls Catalogue.

From Audit to Tenants Support: PROTOS Technologie

For our customers, we also conduct due diligence for cloud-based start-ups and corporate audits according to best practices (WAF) and security requirements. Regular security audits are naturally part of our services. PROTOS Technologie also supports companies in terms of multi-client capability and takes over multi-account organizations and tenant support.

The 5 Minute Assessment for Cloud Computing The CloudAdvisor

Our customers often ask us where to start with a cloud migration. We say, with the PROTOS CloudAdvisor. If you are not yet using any cloud technologies, the CloudAdvisor is the ideal starting point, introducing you to the benefits and versatility of cloud technologies through individually selected use cases.

Even if you are already using cloud technologies, CloudAdvisor is the first step to an assessment of your architecture by our cloud experts. In five minutes, you will receive an initial assessment of the strengths and weaknesses of your architecture, which you can then discuss with the PROTOS cloud experts without obligation.