We manage the cloud with programmable infrastructure

All technical consultants at PROTOS Technologie have a background in programming. Accordingly, we provide cloud infrastructure for our customers in an automated manner using a scripting language, also known as Infrastructure as Code. Programmable infrastructure handles the configuration of infrastructure in exactly the same way as the programming of software. As a result, the boundaries between writing applications and creating the environments on which they run become blurred. This is a fundamental part of cloud computing and essential for DevOps.

More speed, less cost and less risk

Infrastructure as Code allows one to programmatically manage virtual machines without having to manually configure and update individual hardware components. As a result, the infrastructure becomes repeatable and scalable. In other words, one user can deploy and manage one machine or 1,000 machines with the same code. This allows for greater speed, cost savings and optimal risk avoidance. Last but not least, Infrastructure as Code is the foundation of the DevOps paradigm, as the tasks of development and operation are further converged by the programmable infrastructure.

Infrastructure as Code enables higher reliability and flexible scalability of the infrastructure.

The best-known representatives and favorites for IT infrastructure management by code at PROTOS Technologie are Terraform for CSP-agnostic IaC or CloudFormation and the Serverless Application Model (SAM) for purely AWS-based cloud landscapes. For our customers, this results in the advantage of maximum traceability of changes and responsibilities via versioning tools such as Git.