We develop your customized migration strategy

PROTOS Technologie develops a strategy for moving IT to the cloud, based on your individual requirements. We advise you on the selection of services and migration procedures. In particular, this involves developing a secure and plannable path for your IT department for the upcoming migration and aligning it with current business objectives.

From the analysis to the roadmap

Traditionally, the framework for your cloud migration can already be defined after the first workshop. During the development of the strategy, attention is paid to transparency and sustainability, thus identifying the most suitable partners and service providers for the implementation of the next steps. Detailed stakeholder analysis and future innovation potential is also an essential part of strategy development. The migration roadmap and the “Landing Zone”, which are tailored to the scenario, are the result artifacts of the migration strategy.

PROTOS Technologie provides the best practice recommendation specifically for your scenario.

PROTOS Technologie makes your team fit for the cloud

We promote the development of team competence in companies and provide the necessary knowledge transfer that enables employees to make the most of the possibilities of a cloud solution. In addition, we promote more efficient cooperation between the development and IT operations departments. In this way, we respond to the trend that modern companies no longer separate development and operations, but rather benefit from Dev/Ops paradigm and Sys/Ops-strategies. To improve your processes, we also use current best practices and frameworks such as ITIL, CoBIT, and ITSM.