AWS DataSync – The data migration hub in your hybrid environment

Migrating large amounts of data from your traditional file server environments to AWS can be a challenge. Especially if the transfer has to be completed in a short time frame.

One possible solution can be the use of AWS DataSync. DataSync belongs to the family of existing AWS migration tools like Server Migration Service (SMS) and Database Migration Service (DMS).

The migration process is described via a so-called „tasks” within the DataSync service and each task defines a source and the corresponding target.

DataSync SourcesDataSync Targets
NFS ShareS3
S3FSx for Windows

The following section presents two scenarios in which AWS DataSync can successfully deployed:

1 Migrating file server data from an on-premise data center to AWS

2 Data migration within an AWS Region or migration to another AWS Region

Implementation within a customer project

Initial situation

Implementation and target scenario

Benefits of the solution